Why Cocounsel

Why Trust Cocounsel

Cocounsel allows you to rethink
the possibilities of client representation. 

Cocounsel was built to give you confidence in sharing representation with proven trial attorneys in a desired specialization and location. Cocounsel members are invited by their peers and are vetted for good standing by their respective state’s bar. Each member is of high character, committed to their clients and results driven.


With over fifty years in support of Law Firm Operations, Cocounsel’s management team understands the needs of lawyers. We’ve recognized the need for attorneys to connect and quickly establish trusted co-counsel outside of their own office and specialization. Seeing the lack of platforms connecting the dots we have introduced Cocounsel as your opportunity for more business, more connections, more flexibility. 




Why Apply to Cocounsel

Increase Your Business

Cocounsel is opportunity. As the premier trial attorney matching platform, Cocounsel allows lead counsel searching for co-counsel, looking for local expertise or additional reach, to connect with you. With the convenient ability for lead counsel to connect and tap into expertise for their clients, Cocounsel will increase your exposure and business opportunities.

Use cases : Pro hac vice sponsorships, local knowledge, negotiation expertise, hearing appearances.

An Underserved Market

After 31 years in the legal industry, we’re frequently asked for attorney connections in specific practice areas or localities. Yes, we’ve heard about the email blasts across legal organizations asking for referrals. There are no co-counsel specific tools for attorneys to utilize. Cocounsel is a platform that delivers trusted results in seconds.  Search. Connect. Results. 

Only Business

This isn’t a social network. If you are contacted through Cocounsel it’s because you have a representation opportunity. No ads, no pitches, no distractions. With just one connection on Cocounsel you will more than pay for the Cocounsel annual placement. 


Top Performers

Trial attorneys on Cocounsel were invited by their peers because of their high-standing character, commitment to their clients and respected results. We will never dilute the quality of the attorney on our site or mislead any lead counsel trusting our platform. The Cocounsel platform will be presented to top legal organizations across the nation making sure the quality of opportunity and recognition exceeds your expectations.

Give Back

Cocounsel will be donating 10% of every membership to the Innocence Project. As an advocate for the innocent, we believe in their mission and support their continued work. For more on our donation updates please check out our social media pages where we will show the impact of these donations.